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  • NDX500

    NDX500 is a USB/CD media player and software controller that lets you DJ with your entire media library—anywhere. Combining comprehensive standalone functionality with deep hardware and software integration, NDX500 is capable of playing and mixing music from virtually any digital audio source. DJ with USB flash drives, CDs, and MP3 CDs without turning on...

    £ 229.00
  • Gigbar2.0

    GigBAR 2 adds to the original ultimate pack and go 4-in-1 light by including UV in its pars and strobes for increased color mixing and effects.

    £ 399.00
  • Reduced price!

    FIRST-CLASS DJ MIXER The RMX-60 Digital is a first-class mixer for any DJ application. With its extensive range of connection options, robust construction and fully-digital audio architecture; Reloop’s latest mixer takes the classic 4+1 channel mixer design and updates it to suit modern performance standards. Whether you’re using CD players, Turntables,...

    £ 410.00 £ 440.00 -£ 30.00
  • Smooth and precise beatmatching becomes a piece of cake, thanks to the high-quality RP-7000 turntables with extremely strong upper torque direct quartz drive, with classy painted metallic finish, phono and line output

    £ 410.00