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Sennheiser E608 Instrument Microphone
The Sennheiser E608 Miniature Dynamic Microphone is the ideal solution for miking up woodwind, bra..
Sennheiser E865S Microphone
The entry into the condenser class can be heard immediately. The highly sensitive membrane picks up ..
Sennheiser E935 Microphone
The cardioid e 935 is a fully professional vocal microphone, developed to cut through high on-stage ..
Sennheiser E945 Microphone
The e 945 is a fully professional super-cardioid vocal microphone which cuts through the mix and off..
Sennheiser EW135 G3 Radio Microphone System
Versatility for every style of music and presentations You can depend on great performance from t..
Sennheiser XSW12 Lavalier Microphone System
Model:  9725-GBBrand:  SennheiserPolar Pattern:  OmnidirectionalMic Type:  CondenserConnection:  XLR..
Sennheiser XSW35 Handheld Microphone System
Model:  9723-EBrand:  SennheiserPolar Pattern:  CardioidMic Type:  DynamicConnection:  XLR and 6.3mm..
Sennheiser XSW52 Headband Microphone System
Easy-to-use, all-in-one package for singers, speakers and presenters Hands-free operation Outsta..
Shure SM57 Instrument Microphone
The legendary Shure SM57 is exceptional for musical instrument pickup and vocals. With its bright, c..
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