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  • M4

    BONUS INPUTS FOR TOTAL PERFORMANCE.M4 is a three-channel tabletop mixer designed for any DJ who needs maximum flexibility. It features a replaceable crossfader with reverse and slope controls, a microphone input with EQ, and plenty of routing for phono and line level devices.Where M4 really shines is its impressive input section. Two...

    £ 109.00
  • M6USB

    Versatile mixing with computer integration.M6 enables you to step up to a four-channel mixer. This club-style design not only works with any standard audio sources including turntables and CD players, but it also has a USB computer connection. When connected to your Mac or PC, the plug-and-play connection empowers you to mix in audio in from...

    £ 164.99
  • DJM900NX2

    Pioneer DJM-900 Pro DJ Digital Mixer – a new era in creativity and control for the pro DJ.

    £ 1,959.00
  • djm850black

    Pioneer’s perfect mix – the DJM-850 combines future-proof technology with the DJ’s favourite features as well as being Traktor Scratch Certified!

    £ 1,299.00
  • djm750

    A new 4-channel mixer is joining our range: the DJM-750MK2. To practise mixing at home and step into the club booth with confidence, the DJM-750MK2 makes the ideal addition to your set-up. It inherits various features and design elements from the club-standard DJM-900NXS2.

    £ 1,069.00
  • xdj-rx

    FREE MAGMA FLIGHT CASEMulti-source DJ system - USB/PC Link/MIDI/Analog Inputs Supports rekordbox™ music management software High resolution 7-inch LCD color display with dual waveforms Hot Cue, Auto Beat Loop, and new Loop Slice buttons Stand-alone DJ mixer capability Record directly to USB storage devices

    £ 1,319.00
  • Reduced price!

    FIRST-CLASS DJ MIXER The RMX-60 Digital is a first-class mixer for any DJ application. With its extensive range of connection options, robust construction and fully-digital audio architecture; Reloop’s latest mixer takes the classic 4+1 channel mixer design and updates it to suit modern performance standards. Whether you’re using CD players, Turntables,...

    £ 410.00 £ 440.00 -£ 30.00
  • The new DJM-S9 two-channel mixer for Serato DJ puts the power of personalisation in DJs’ hands, with a fast, accurate and customisable crossfader, plus Performance Pads and FX buttons that DJs can map to suit their preferences.

    £ 1,459.00


    £ 5,099.00
  • DJM-2000NXS

    Flagship 4-channel digital mixer

    £ 1,989.00
  • Inheriting features and design elements from the flagship DJM-900NXS2, the DJM-450 is the ideal mixer to partner with XDJ-700 multiplayers or PLX-1000 turntables to create a professional-style set-up.

    £ 599.00
  • DJM250mk2

    MIX INSTINCTIVELY WITH PRO-GRADE FEATURESThe DJM-250MK2 has inherited some of the professional features of the popular DJM-900NXS2, such as the Magvel crossfader and Sound Color FX filter. Straightforward controls, a clear layout, and dedicated 3-band isolators let you scratch and mix instinctively.

    £ 299.00
  • DJMS9

    The DJM-S3 is Serato DJ and DVS Enabled thanks to its built-in sound card inherited from the professional DJM-S9, so you can plug it into your PC/Mac and start using it with Serato DJ straight out of the box.

    £ 499.00