DJ Headphones

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Pioneer DJE-2000
The ultimate solution for travelling DJs has arrived! The DJE-2000 professional in-ear headphones pr..
Pioneer HDJ 700
Built from high quality materials and with thoughtful design, the Pioneer HDJ-700 headphones delive..
Pioneer HDJ C70
Built with the rigours of frequent use in mind, the HDJ-C70s come with two detachable, anti-tangle c..
Pioneer PLX-1000 Direct Drive Turntable
User-friendly control layout Building on expertise accumulated over many years as the top interna..
Pioneer HDJ-X10 Headphones
The new flagship HDJ-X10 headphones are designed for professional DJs to use at clubs and festivals...
Pioneer HDJ-X5 Headphones
The HDJ-X5 headphones inherit high-quality audio design from the model above, giving you clean monit..
Pioneer HDJ-X7 Headphones
The HDJ-X7 headphones are based on our previous flagship model, the HDJ-2000MK2, and are equipped wi..
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