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Beam Effects 

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  • Reduced price!

    Ideal for venues, DJs and entertainers, the Mace features three opaque, contra rotating orbs, each containing 2 x 3W tri coloured LEDs. Simple plug-and-play operation with built-in programmes, with rotation speed control and a sound activation mode.

    £ 99.00 £ 129.00 -£ 30.00
  • Gigbar2.0

    GigBAR 2 adds to the original ultimate pack and go 4-in-1 light by including UV in its pars and strobes for increased color mixing and effects.

    £ 399.00
  • 1237000111

    The ADJ Warlock is a unique, compact moonflower effect featuring a barrel mirrored scanner and a Philips® Platinum MSD 2R discharge lamp.

    £ 799.00
  • 1237000137

    The Ninja 5RX is a unique effect with 4 tilting mirrors that independently move and scatter dozens beams all around a room, stage or dance floor.

    £ 749.00
  • Reduced price!

    Breathtaking, spinning, colour light cube Fill the venue and the dance floor with light beams Floor-to-ceiling multicolour rotating light effectsHigh power 6 x 10w CREE RGBW 4-in-1 LEDRed, green, blue and whiteEasy-to-use 4 button control with LED display panel

    £ 299.00 £ 379.00 -£ 80.00
  • Reduced price!

    High Resolution Graphic LED Tube Lighting Pack

    £ 399.00 £ 449.00 -£ 50.00
  • Reduced price!

    Rotosphere Q3 is an easy to use mirror ball simulator with high-power, quad-color LEDs. 3 LED zones emit up to 3 different colors simultaneously and slow rotation speed creates a romantic atmosphere.

    £ 213.00 £ 229.00 -£ 16.00
  • 1237000169

    Put some “BOOM” into your lightshow! Create pure lighting excitement for any event with the 4-FX-IN-1 ADJ Boom Box FX2. Cover the room in light from the classic Derby effect, paint the walls with GOBO effects, wash the dance floor in colors and mesmerize the crowd with the Galaxian style red and green laser!  

    £ 249.00
  • New

    This room filling effect features 8 gobos that sweep the room whilst changing colour. The unit works well as a stand-alone centrepiece or can be combined and linked in master/slave mode. Loaded with 8 x 10W RGBW LEDs it covers large rooms with ease making them ideal for mobile entertainers and small venues.

    £ 139.00